Monday, October 8, 2007

Data Center Disaster Recovery Plan

Don't think that your organization can get away without having a proper data center disaster recovery plan. Yes, it may be a pain in the neck to plan and implement. And, yes, it may also cost money (gasp!) to put in place. But, don't kid yourself into thinking that things will just be "ok" without it. Because when disaster strikes it is usually unexpected and the results can be devastating to your business. It's hard to make this a priority when there are so many other pressing matters to deal with on a day to day business. Customers to deal with, meetings to attend, deadlines to meet etc. etc. A data disaster recovery plan is critical to the health of your business. One unexpected disaster can destroy everything you've invested in your company for years.
If you would like to download a no cost trial version of a good piece of software for implementing your own data center disaster recovery plan Check out Genie Backup Manager Professional V8.

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